The department offers Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate Programmes in Physics. The Scholar-Pillars of the department are 8 of whom 7 are M.Phils and the other has qualified in the State Eligibility Test (SET). Four of them are in approved vacancies and four are the staff appointed by the Management. The departmental library prides in its choice-collection of more than 850 books of which nearby 200 are on Electronics befitting this Age of Electronics.

Faculty members are specialized in Electronics and encourage students to imprint their mark on Student-Seminars, Student-Oriented workshops and Science Exhibitions. The department has scientific journals for circulation among its staff and students to keep the department in full touch with the latest innovations in Physics.

The department evaluates students progress through Unit Tests, Assignments, preparation of Demos and Model Exam. The curriculum designed by the University is implemented which is revised at periodical intervals falling in line with the changing needs and employability of students. Those opting for Physics Major are exposed to an in-depth study of the subject. Such of the students whose Allied is Physics are instructed in the fundamentals and important segments of Physics.

The department is like a spinning board to zoom to claim better job opportunities. Students are trained and motivated to shine in the Campus Interviews and the Student-Gems in Physics are recruited by firms as a fitting reward to their exceptional merit. They are encouraged and assisted in preparing and displaying Models in Science Exhibitions which are winning Prizes for the Institution.

Staff members are evaluating student performance in the University Examinations as Examiners, there by helping the University to their utmost maximum. As External Examiners for the University Practical Examinations, the inmates of the Physics department are rendering remarkable service.