Computer Applications

The department is patronized mostly by students aspiring for a coveted job in soft ware industry. Their colourful dreams are given the possibility of a practical reality by exposing them to quality education by experienced and well qualified staff.

The department is offering UG Programmes in Computer Science and Computer Application in the unaided stream. The spacious and well furnished labs are equipped with Intel C2duo and i3 with latest configurations for practical purposes of students in Oracle, Ms-Office and so on. The labs are air-conditioned and are extended the facility of a generator to maintain uninterrupted power supply. They are fitted with ROM Trainer kit for ROM Experiments; RAM Trainer kit for RAM Experiments; Dual DAC Interface for Digital to Analog conversion, Digital Multimeters for Voltage testing and so on.

The departmental library is certainly a boon to students with more than 650 books on different aspects of computers. The department has subscribed to five journals of topical significance that do take the readers on the never ending road of Computer Science and Computer Applications. The department has its representation in National Seminars and Conferences as and when such an occasion arises.

Esteemed Management provides financial assistance for the upkeep of the labs and the infrastructure. The department channelises avenues for student employment with proper counselling and the cream of the student community is getting recruited in Corporate Houses such as WIPRO.

Faculty members are deputed to attend Refresher Courses to update themselves for accomplishing their teaching responsibilities on par with the curriculum. They render yeomen service to the University by officiating as Examiners for theory papers and External Examiners to conduct University Practical Examinations. The UG course in Computer Applications is drawing sizeable number of students to its hold like a powerful double edged magnet. The faculty members spare no pains in toiling for the overall best performance of students in the Unit Tests, Model and University Exams. Their unstinted efforts are well reflected in the results and their total commitment keeps the department, the labs and the departmental library as the replicas of well polished mirrors.