The College campus is spread over an area of about 21 acres. The College has a 2 storeyed building with different blocks which accommodate all the class rooms, office rooms, Principals chambers, New block for Controller of Examinations, separate staff rooms for different departments, laboratories, toilets, etc. The class rooms are spacious and furnished. The science departments have spacious and well equipped laboratories and stores with sufficient stock of chemicals. The Department of Zoology has a Museum with 300 pieces. One block of the building has 3 floors; a new 2 storeyed block is under construction. A parking shed is available for parking the vehicles of Staff and Students. There is an auditorium which is also used for social, cultural, academic and government sponsored programmes.

Masjid -e- HakeemCollege with Abrabic Madarasa, Madarsa -e- Umar inside the College campus. A branch of the Centurion Bank with ATM facility is located in the nearby campus of the Engineering College run by the same management. This is accessible to the Staff and Students of the College as well. A sub-post office is functioning in the College campus. The College maintains a beautiful garden. Rainwater harvesting facility is available in the campus. Gardeners are employed to maintain the garden and to ensure a clean environment in the campus. Waste from the laboratories is dumped in covered pits.